Pakisthan PM Imran Khan Take on Pulwama Attack

Pakistan PM Imran Khan has finally opened up on Pulwama Terrorist Attack. Some of the key point from his speech were :

1) Pakistan has side-lined from the attack, and we do not take any responsibility for it.

2) All the allegations put up against the country are fake, and if anyone shows him the proof of his nation’s hand, I will take strict action against him.

3) Pakistan has suffered from terrorism more than any country in the world. We have suffered a loss of more than one arab dollars due to home-grown terrorists.

4) We want to have an open dialogue with India on terrorism and also want to solve the Kashmir issue with dialogue, not by fighting or war.

5) If India plans to start a war with us, we would not stay quiet and will retaliate. But India has to keep in mind that we humans could only start a war, but could not end it with our will.

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