Hawkeye Register with Police, Download App


One of the Option in Hawk Eye Mobile App is Register with Police, In which you can register your Tenant, Servant, Service Person, Security Person with their details.


The House owners of Hyderabad City are requested to follow the below mentioned guidelines scrupulously before renting out their premises to the tenants :

1. Open a tenant register to enter the names and their permanent address including telephone Nos., etc. and affix their photographs

2. Ascertain their place(s) of working by obtaining pay-slips/appointment orders etc.

3. Record the date of their entry and vacation.

4. If, the tenant is a foreigner, insist for furnishing a copy of valid Passport & VISA.

5. Inform the details of tenants to the local Police Station.

6. Keep a watch over the movements/activities of the tenants and inform to the local Police if any suspicion noticed.

7. Keep a watch over the people who are frequenting his/ her house

8. Also keep a watch over the unusual sounds/silence/activity in the rented flat.

9. Make surprise visits now and then if you have suspicion.

10. Always verify THOROUGHLY when you rent out your flats/homes to the people who come from the areas which are known for terror/criminal activity

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